Danisa Butter Cookies, The Most Delicious Cookies I Have Ever Met

One of the famous butter cooks from Denmark. Well, but you don’t have to go to Denmark to get it. Just go to the nearest minimarket to buy Danisa Butter Cookies and for more information you can visit the Danisa butter cookies website.

Butter Cookies have a crunchy texture, crunchy but soft. In ancient times this butter cake was served to nobles and kings in Europe. So it is legendary and the recipe is hereditary until now.

This Butter Cookies recipe has passed through the great hands of Master Bakers so that it makes Danisa Butter Cookies so well known and the taste is not boring. The savory and tender taste is what makes you miss you.

Danisa Butter Cookies are made with the best ingredients such as the best butter, the best milk and of course high quality.

There are three different variants of Danisa Butter Cookies namely Traditional Butter Cookies, Choco Cashew Cookies and Currants. All three have distinctive flavors.

We start from Traditional Butter Cookies, this is plain butter without topping with butter and milk ingredients. Then the two Choco Cashew Cookies are butter cookies combined with chocolate and cashews. Delicious devoured accompanied by coffee or hot tea. Especially for lovers of nuts and chocolate. Wow, this is really delicious. The three variants of Currants are butter cookies with raisin fruit topping that tastes sweet.

In addition there are also Filled Butter Cookies, where there are 2 types, namely Choco-Filled Butteries and Pinapple-Filled Butter Cookies. Choco-Filled Cookies are made with milk butter and other ingredients with chocolate filling with a soft texture. While Pinapple-Filled Butter Cookies there are additional pineapple in this butter cake so it tastes so different.

These butter cookies are produced with the expertise of chefs in their fields with high standardization on each can of his butter cookies. Suitable as a dinner for guests or families.

How are you interested in trying Danisa Butter Cookies, Danish butter cakes that are so charming.